Moderator Documentation


Role NameRole RequirementRole Perks
Tier 1 (Regular)MEE6 Level 3Can send embedded messages in all channels, can send messages in #deal-alerts
Tier 2 (Regularly regular)MEE6 Level 10Access to #giveaways
Tier 3 (Superbly regularly regular)MEE6 Level 20Can screenshare or stream in a voice channel, access to #lounge
Tier 4 (Ludicrously superbly regularly regular)MEE6 Level 30Unlocks !remindme (Use responsibly and appropriately)
Tier 5 (Uber regular)MEE6 Level 45Unlocks !no (Use responsibly and appropriately)
Tier 6 (Hyper uber regular)MEE6 Level 55Can manage messages in #deal-alerts
Tier 7 (Mega hyper uber regular)MEE6 Level 70Access to Audit Log and Server Insights
Tier 8 (Ultra mega hyper uber regular)MEE6 Level 85Decorative
Tier S (Extremely ultra mega hyper uber regular)MEE6 Level 100Decorative
Tier X (Unbelievably ludicrously insanely seriously ridiculously stupidly regularly regular)MEE6 Level 125Hoisted in sidebar
💎 Nitro boostersBoost the server with Discord NitroHoisted in sidebar, access to #lounge, access to Voice Channel screen sharing/streaming
Community Tech SupportHave Technical Queries Slayer, use !on-call commandCan be mentioned for assistance when necessary
Technical Queries SlayerBe extremely helpful in #tech-supportCan pin and delete messages and manage/create threads in #tech-support and #tech-support-forum, as well as bypass its slowmode. Also provides a private channel − #tqs-break-room
Office NinjaBe helpful to users in #office channelCan pin and delete messages in #office-and-m365
Seasonal Logos ContributorHave a lot of your server logo designs usedDecorative
Community Website/Wiki ContributorContribute to the Community Website, WikiProvides a private channel - #gh-msft-chat-feed
Giveaways bossHost loads of awesome giveaways in #giveawaysDecorative
MutedBreak rules or ask nicelyCannot talk anywhere in the server or join Voice Channels
Trial moderatorsApply for moderator position and be acceptedAccess to moderator permissions; cannot ban or kick
ModeratorsBe a good Trial moderator for a whileAccess to moderator permissions
Lead moderatorsBe a very good moderator for a very long time and have Kirby love youAccess to administrator permissions
/r/Windows moderatorBe a moderator on /r/WindowsDecorative
/r/Surface moderatorBe a moderator on /r/SurfaceDecorative
/r/MicrosoftTeams moderatorBe a moderator on /r/MicrosoftTeamsDecorative
💌 Moderator's mailBe the modmail botHoisted in sidebar
🌟 Microsoft employeesVerify in #employee-verificationAccess to #msft-chat and #lounge
Alumni Microsoft employeesStop being a Microsoft employeeDecorative
Alumni moderatorStop being a moderatorDecorative
💙 Edgevatars Event participantTake part in the 2019 Edgevatars EventDecorative
Coffee Club participantTake part in the 2020 Coffee Club EventDecorative
Minecraft Build ProWin Minecraft Creative ContestDecorative
Minecraft ChampionTake part in the 2020 Minecraft EventDecorative
Windows 10 Insiders (Beta)Use command /roles grantReceive notifications
Windows 10 Insiders (Release Preview)Use command /roles grantReceive notifications
Windows 11 Insiders (Release Preview)Use command /roles grantReceive notifications
Windows 11 Insiders (Beta)Use command /roles grantReceive notifications
Windows 11 Insiders (Dev)Use command /roles grantReceive notifications
Windows 11 Insiders (Canary)Use command /roles grantReceive notifications
💻 Patch TuesdayUse command /roles grantReceive notifications


Moderation commands are available through Cliptok and Dyno. Some commands are restricted to permanent moderators. Note: Some commands may not be listed here.

Moderation ActionCommandRestriction
Ban member!ban <member​> [appeal¦duration] [reason]Permanent moderators
Ban member, save messages!bankeep <member​> [appeal¦duration] [reason]Permanent moderators
Unban member!unban <member>Permanent moderators
Kick member!kick <member​> [reason]Permanent moderators
Activate raid mode/raidmode on [duration] [allowed_account_age]Permanent moderators
Deactivate raid mode/raidmode offPermanent moderators
Lock a channel/lockdown channelPermanent moderators
Lock the entire server/lockdown allPermanent moderators
Mute member!mute <member​> [duration] <reason​>All moderators
Unmute member!unmute <member​>All moderators
Warn member!warn <member​> <reason​>All moderators
Anonymously warn member!anonwarn <channel​> <member​> [reason]All moderators
Edit member's infraction!editwarn <member​> <warning ID​> <reason>All moderators (Permanent moderators for warnings not created by themselves)
Remove member's infraction!delwarn <member​> <warning ID​>All moderators (Permanent moderators for warnings not created by themselves)
Display member’s warnings!warnings [member] or /warnings [member]All members
Display warning detail!warndetails <member> <warning id>All members
Grant Tier 1 to member!grant [member]All moderators
Clear messages/clear <up_to/count> [options]All moderators
Dehoist!dehoist <users​>All moderators
Activate slow mode/slowmode <duration¦off​>All moderators
Announce a Windows Insider Build/announcebuild <see slash options>All moderators


Events are logged in the seven logging channels as well as the Discord Audit Log.


  • Member joined
  • Member left


  • Bulk message delete dumps from /clear command
  • Bulk message delete dumps from voice channels


  • Member joined
  • Member left
  • Member joined voice channel
  • Member left voice channel
  • Member switched voice channel
  • Member posted invite
  • Role assigned
  • Role revoked
  • Nickname changed


  • Member banned
  • Member unbanned
  • Member kicked
  • Member muted
  • Member unmuted
  • Member warned
  • Member warning revoked
  • Role created
  • Role edited
  • Role deleted
  • Infringing message removed
  • Server information updated


  • Message edited
  • Message deleted
  • Bulk message delete
  • Channel created
  • Channel deleted


  • Message edited
  • Message deleted
  • Bulk message delete dump
  • Deleted media message content


  • Modmail thread opened
  • Modmail thread closed
  • Modmail thread close time
  • Modmail thread log link

Discord Audit Log

  • Update server
  • Create channel
  • Update channel
  • Delete channel
  • Create channel permissions
  • Update channel permissions
  • Delete channel permissions
  • Kick member
  • Prune members
  • Ban member
  • Unban member
  • Update member
  • Update member roles
  • Move member
  • Disconnect member
  • Add bot
  • Create thread
  • Update thread
  • Delete thread
  • Create role
  • Update role
  • Delete role
  • Create role prompt
  • Update role prompt
  • Delete role prompt
  • Create invite
  • Update invite
  • Delete invite
  • Create webhook
  • Update webhook
  • Delete webhook
  • Create emoji
  • Update emoji
  • Delete emoji
  • Delete messages
  • Bulk delete messages
  • Pin message
  • Unpin message
  • Create integration
  • Update integration
  • Delete integration
  • Create sticker
  • Update sticker
  • Delete sticker
  • Start stage
  • Update stage
  • End stage
  • Create event
  • Update event
  • Cancel event
  • Update command permissions
  • AutoMod block message
  • Create AutoMod rule
  • Update AutoMod rule
  • Cancel AutoMod rule
  • Feature item on Home
  • Remove item from Home


When a user messages the modmail bot, it creates a new private channel in the Modmail category and notifies all active moderators (@here)

Modmail Commands

Modmail ActionCommandRestriction
Reply!reply, !r <​message>All moderators
Reply anonymously!anonreply, !ar <​message>All moderators
Edit message!editAll moderators
Close thread!close [silent] [in time] [reason]All moderators
Create thread with member!contactAll moderators
Display set snippets!snippetsAll moderators
Display link to current thread’s logs!loglinkAll moderators
Display member’s previous modmail threads!logsAll moderators
Block member from modmail!blockAll moderators
Display blocked members!blockedAll moderators
Unblock member from modmail!unblockAll moderators
Notify of every message received!subscribe, !subAll moderators
Notify of next message received!notifyAll moderators
Stop being notified of messages received!unsubscribe, !unsubAll moderators
Take note about current thread!note <​note>All moderators
Take persistent note about current user!note persist <​note>All moderators
Move thread to another category!moveAll moderators
Flag thread as NSFW!nsfwAll moderators
Set up server for modmail!setupLead moderators

General Commands

Bot ActionCommandRestriction
Display bot info!aboutAll moderators
Set activity of bot!activityLead moderators
Display changelog of bot!changelogAll moderators
Display aliases!aliasAll moderators
Display help message!helpAll moderators
Change what bot mentions at start of thread!mentionLead moderators
Test websocket latency!pingLead moderators
Change bot prefix!prefixLead moderators
Set status of bot!statusLead moderators

Modmail Message Snippets

Send a message snippet by typing the prefix then the snippet name. For example, !thanks will automatically send the message "Thank you for reaching out!"

Snippet Name(s)Snippet
baduseUsing modmail inappropriately might lead to suspension. Please use it for moderation-related queries only.
techsupport, tsModmail is not for tech support. We can only handle moderation queries here.
If you need help, describe your problem in #tech-support-forum and someone may try their best to help you.
See #server-information for more information about support channels.
inactivityHi, we're closing the thread due to inactivity. If you have any questions remaining feel free to re-open it, thank you!
thanksThank you for reaching out!
accountsWe do not have the access to assist with purchasing and account queries. Please contact official Microsoft support at
greeting, greetings, hi, hii, hey, hello[Respective greeting]! How can we help you?
warnedThanks, they've been warned.
warn-limitAs in FAQopen in new window
q?, q, questions?, questionsDo you have any other questions or concerns?
npNo problem. Was that all you needed?
modwhenAs in FAQopen in new window
modapplyTo find out how to apply to be a moderator, go here:
unofficialAs in FAQopen in new window
verifysuccessThere you go, you should be able to interact with the server normally now. Make sure you've read our rules, and have fun!
ms-supportRedirects member to Microsoft Support and Virtual Agent
botsInformation about our bots can be found here:
nosupportModmail is not for tech support. We can only handle moderation queries here.
If you need help, describe your problem in #tech-support-forum and someone may try their best to help you.
See #server-information for more information about support channels.
betterhelpWhilst we do have #tech-support, we aren't a support-first server. People help as and when they can, and you can always ping the Community Tech Support role to see if any of our Technical Query Slayers are available, but we still ask that you exercise some patience here.
patienceIf nobody is answering your question or helping you, be patient. No one is obligated to help you. It might take a while for someone to be able to help you. Furthermore, be sure you've provided as much detail as possible to make it easy for us to help you. If you've done this, and you still need help and it's been around a day or so and you've not had any help, then consider asking again. If you need official support, go to
bannedThanks, they've been banned.
ban-appeal, banappeal, bananapeelBans can be appealed by following the instructions here:

Automated Actions


Cliptok will automatically mute users after they pass a certain threshold of infractions in a given time:

2 infractions or more in the last 30 daysMute for 3 hours
4 infractions or more in the last 30 daysMute for 6 hours
6 infractions or more in the last 30 daysMute for 12 hours
8 infractions or more in the last 30 daysMute for 1 day
10 infractions or more in the last 30 daysPermanent mute
2 infractions or more in the last 2 daysMute for 3 hours
3 infractions or more in the last 2 daysMute for 6 hours
4 infractions or more in the last 2 daysPermanent mute


Bots will carry out these automated actions based on the following actions:

Prohibited wordsDelete message, warn memberCliptok
Prohibited words (alternate filter)Block messageAutoMod
Server invitesDelete message, warn member
Allowed roles: Moderators, Tier 3 and above, Microsoft employees
Server invites to malicious/scam serversDelete message, warn memberCliptok
Excessive emoji (> 6)1st offense − Delete message, inform member. 2nd+ offense − Delete message, warn member
Ignored channels: #offtopic-and-memes
Mass mention (> 4)Block messageAutoMod
Too many lines (>= 30)1st offense − Hide message, inform member
2nd+ offense − Hide message, warn member
Allowed roles: Moderators, Tier 3 and above
Hidden messages can be viewed by clicking a button
Far many lines (>= 1000)Delete message, warn memberCliptok
Sending phishing URLs or scam messagesDelete message, warn memberCliptok
Attempting to ping @everyone/hereDelete message, warn memberCliptok
Triggering anti-raid systemsBan member, allow appealCliptok
ToxicityDelete message, mute member, alert moderators
Trusted members: two toxic messages in succession
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