# Moderator Documentation

# Roles

Role Name Role Requirement Role Perks
Regular MEE6 Level 3 Can send embedded messages in all channels, can change nickname
Regularly regular MEE6 Level 10 Access to #politics
Superbly regularly regular MEE6 Level 20 Can "Go Live" in a voice channel
Ludicrously superbly regularly regular MEE6 Level 30 Decorative
Uber regular MEE6 Level 45 Decorative
Hyper uber regular MEE6 Level 55 Access to Audit Log
💎 Nitro boosters Boost the server with Discord Nitro Hoisted in sidebar
Technical Queries Slayer Be extremely helpful in #technical-support Can pin and delete messages in #tech-support, as well as bypass its slowmode
Office Ninja Be extremely helpful in #office Can pin and delete messages in #office
Seasonal Logos Contributor Have a lot of your server logo designs used Decorative
Giveaways boss Host loads of awesome giveaways in #deals-and-giveaways Decorative
Muted Break rules or ask nicely Cannot talk anywhere in the server
Trial moderators Apply for moderator position and be accepted Access to moderator permissions; cannot ban
Moderators Be a good Trial moderator for a while Access to moderator permissions
Lead moderators Be a very good moderator for a very long time and have Jaska love you Access to administrator permissions
/r/Windows moderator Be a moderator on /r/Windows Access to some moderator permissions
/r/Surface moderator Be a moderator on /r/Surface Decorative
💌 Moderator's mail Be the modmail bot Decorative
🌟 Microsoft employees Verify in #ms-employee-verification Access to #msft-chat
Alumni Microsoft employees Stop being a Microsoft employee Decorative
Alumni moderator Stop being a moderator Decorative
💙 Edgevatars Event participant Take part in the 2019 Edgevatars Event Decorative
Windows Insiders See the Commands section Receive notifications
Windows Insiders (Slow) See the Commands section Receive notifications
💻 Patch Tuesday See the Commands section Receive notifications

# Commands

Moderation commands are available through the MEE6 bot. Some commands are restricted to permanent moderators.

Moderation Action Command Restriction
Ban member !ban [member] (optional reason) Permanent moderators
Temporarily ban member !tempban [member] [duration] (optional reason) All moderators
Clear messages !clear (optional member) (optional count) All moderators
Display member’s infractions !infractions [member] All members
Kick member !kick [member] (optional reason) All moderators
Mute member !mute [member] (optional reason) All moderators
Temporarily mute member !tempmute [member] [duration] (optional reason) All moderators
Display role info !role-info [role] All members
Display server info !server-info All members
Activate slow mode !slowmode (optional timeout) (optional off) Lead moderators
Unban member !unban [member] Permanent moderators
Unmute member !unmute [member] All moderators
Display member info !user-info (optional member) All members
Warn member !warn [member] (optional reason) All moderators

# Auditing

Use the logs channel and Discord Audit Log to audit events.

# Logs Channel

The Dyno bot logs the following events in the #logs channel.

  • Member joined
  • Member left
  • Member banned
  • Member unbanned
  • Message edited
  • Message deleted
  • Bulk message deletion
  • Channel created
  • Channel deleted
  • Role created
  • Role deleted
  • Role update
  • Role given
  • Role removed
  • Nickname changed
  • Moderator command used
  • Member joined voice channel
  • Member left voice channel
  • Member moved to voice channel
  • Invites/invite info

# Discord Audit Log

The Discord Audit Log in Server Settings logs the following actions.

  • Update server
  • Create channel
  • Update channel
  • Delete channel
  • Create channel permissions
  • Update channel permissions
  • Delete channel permissions
  • Kick member
  • Prune members
  • Ban member
  • Unban member
  • Update member
  • Update member roles
  • Create role
  • Update role
  • Delete role
  • Create invite
  • Update invite
  • Delete invite
  • Create webhook
  • Update webhook
  • Delete webhook
  • Create emoji
  • Update emoji
  • Delete emoji
  • Delete messages

# Modmail

The modmail bot sends @here pings when members submit modmail, creating channels for each thread under the Modmail category.

# Modmail Commands

Modmail Action Command Restriction
Reply anonymously !anonreply All moderators
Block member from modmail !block Lead moderators
Display blocked members !blocked Lead moderators
Close thread !close [silent] [in X [days/hours/minutes]] All moderators
Create thread with member !contact All moderators
Edit message !edit All moderators
Display link to current thread’s logs !loglink All moderators
Display member’s previous modmail threads !logs All moderators
Move thread to another category !move All moderators
Take note about current thread !note All moderators
Notify of next message received !notify All moderators
Flag thread as NSFW !nsfw All moderators
Reply !reply, !r All moderators
Set up server for modmail !setup Lead moderators
Display set snippets !snippets All moderators
Notify of every message received !subscribe All moderators
Unblock member from modmail !unblock Lead moderators
Stop being notified of messages received !unsubscribe All moderators

# General Commands

Bot Action Command Restriction
Display bot info !about All moderators
Set activity of bot !activity Lead moderators
Display changelog of bot !changelog All moderators
Display aliases !alias All moderators
Display help message !help All moderators
Change what bot mentions at start of thread !mention Lead moderators
Test websocket latency !ping Lead moderators
Change bot prefix !prefix Lead moderators
Set status of bot !status Lead moderators

# Modmail Message Snippets

Send a message snippet by typing the prefix then the snippet name, e.g. !thanks to send the message ‘Thank you for reaching out!’

Snippet Name Snippet
baduse Using modmail inappropriately might lead to suspension
techsupport [As !ask]
accounts We do not have the access to assist with purchasing and account queries. Please contact official Microsoft support at support.microsoft.com.
inactivity Hi, we're closing the thread due to inactivity. If you have any questions remaining feel free to re-open it, thank you!
thanks Thank you for reaching out!

# Automated Actions

MEE6 bot performs the following actions when triggered.

Trigger Action
2 infractions or more in the last 30 days Mute for 6 hours
4 infractions or more in the last 30 days Mute for 12 hours
6 infractions or more in the last 30 days Mute for 1 day

# MEE6 Auto-Moderator

Trigger Action
Bad words Delete message & warn member
Repeated text Disabled
Server invites Delete message & warn member
Allowed roles: Moderators, Superbly regularly regular, Microsoft employees
External links Disabled
Spammed caps (70%> caps) Disabled
Excessive emojis Delete message & warn member
Ignored channels: #random-stuff
Emoji limit: 7
Mass spoilers Disabled
Mass mention Delete message & warn member
Zalgo Delete message
Allowed roles: Superbly regularly regular

# Dyno Auto-Moderator

Trigger Action
Banned words Disabled
All caps Disabled
Duplicate text Disabled
Fast message spam Auto mute
Discord invites Disabled
All links Disabled
Mass mentions Auto mute
Link cooldown Disabled
Image spam Auto mute
Emoji spam Disabled
Spoilers Disabled
Selfbot detection Warn
Automute time (minutes) 480
Mute violations (count) 2
Link cooldown (seconds) 10
Max emoji count 4
Mass mention count 10
Last Updated: 12/3/2019, 10:27:23 PM