# Member Information

We'd like you to bear in mind that none of our moderators work for nor are affiliated with Microsoft. Verified employees will rock the Microsoft employee role.

# Rules

# 1. No harassment, hate speech, racism, sexism, trolling, stereotype based attacks, or spreading harmful/false information. You may be banned immediately and without warning or recourse.

# 2. Do not post anything that is NSFW. If you are unsure if it's considered NSFW you shouldn't post it.

# 3. Do not ask for money or any other goods (such as games or Nitro). Likewise, do not advertise/sell your services, products, bots or servers.

# 4. Do not stir up drama. If there is a conflict, work to defuse it instead of making it worse.

# 6. Refrain from using too many special characters in your current display name. A couple of special symbols are fine so long as there is a normal alphanumeric name that people can easily type. For example, "ExampleName 🧅" is fine, but "👊♙ εχ𝕒м𝐩𝕃𝒆n𝐀𝓶𝔢 💢😾" is not.

# 7. Please be mindful of channels and their uses, failure to do so may result in loss of access to the channel. Bringing something up once is alright, however starting a long discussion about something that belongs in another channel, or posting the same thing across multiple channels, is not.

# 8. Users in direct violation of Discord's Terms of Service will be banned without warning. This includes the use of userbots or not meeting the minimum age requirement.

# 9. Check the description in each channel before posting as extended rules may exist for that channel.

# 10. If a staff member tells you to stop doing something then you should stop doing that thing.

# 12. No discussing moderation actions outside of modmail and #server-feedback.

# 13. Do not attempt to take support or other requests outside of the server as we cannot ensure your or the user's safety from scams, trolling and abuse. This includes suggesting the use of DMs, remote assistance tools (such as Quick Assist or TeamViewer), or another server for technical queries.

# 14. No content which may induce epilepsy without first making a disclaimer and obstructing the content.

# 15. No typing in any other language than English; we cannot moderate different languages and most people here speak in English. Failure to oblige will result in a warning or mute.

# Roles

Role Description
🌟 Moderators Overlooking the community and its development; ensuring the safety of the members and the server itself.
⭐ Microsoft employees Verified Microsoft employees. If you're one and want to get verified, visit the #employee-verification channel. Any advice given by Microsoft employees isn't official support and should be taken as-is. For professional assistance, use one of Microsoft's support channels such as support.microsoft.com
🤓 Windows Insiders Role for Windows Insiders to be notified whenever new builds drop.
❤ Regular Gets granted automatically upon certain amount of engagement with the server; also grants the ability to upload and embed content, access certain channels, and some other perks which are available to higher-tier regular ranks. Regular members are a vital part of the server.
💎 Nitro boosters Gets granted automatically to those who Nitro boost our community; hoists you on the members list sidebar. More on Discord Nitro here

# Moderator Help

📫 For all server-related issues, message @Moderators mail. The bot will create a thread for your enquiry and alert active moderators to it.

❗ Do not ping @Moderators unless there is an emergency that requires immediate intervention, such as a server raid or significant spam.

# Channels and their use

Channel Description
#server-information Server rules and brief general information.
#announcements Various Microsoft related news and announcements get posted here, so we recommend you to enable notifications for this channel.
#general-chat A place to talk about anything that doesn’t fall under one specific channel, is generally related to technology, and to chat with friends. Try to keep to the current topic of conversation, and if something is more suited for another channel, then post it there.
#insiders-chat Discussion of all Insider programs (yes, there’s a few). You’ll also get updates to Windows Insider builds here, as well as opportunities to give feedback to actual Microsoft employees about the future of Windows and other Microsoft products.
#random-stuff Memes, random non-tech stuff, and slightly less structured conversations can go here. Other things that go here are bot commands, less-serious technical support, and any overflow from #general-chat.
#tech-support Have you got a problem that you’re unable to fix, or just a query that you can’t find the answer for? Ask here! Any support offered here is not official Microsoft support, is offered upon other members' discretion, and may not be accurate or work.
#purchase-advice Ask for help on what to buy/upgrade, give advice to others or get help on building your own custom PC.
#mobile Talk about all your mobile devices here, be it phones, tablets or smart watches. Any operating system and manufacturer are welcomed here.
#politics You gain access to this channel after being around for a while. Try to keep things civil and remember that people have different opinions. This channel is a privilege and you will lose access to it if you behave inappropriately.
#photography Things and thangs that you captured. This channel is not for posting memes, for memes use #random-stuff
#anime Feel free to utilise this channel for discussions about anime, manga and other related Japanese media. Animemes are tolerated, but NSFW content is disallowed under all circumstances.
#movies-books-and-tv A place for conversation about movies, books, and TV shows. Try to not spoil anything, and make sure to use spoiler tags.
#retrospective-and-betas Have you got an old DOS PC, a Palm Pilot, or just really love Windows XP? Feel free to discuss it here. There’s plenty of like-minded thinkers here who love the history of computing.
#deals-and-giveaways You can use this channel to organise and take part in giveaways. Do not give away any illegal goods (pirated/grey market software licenses etc.) or anything fake with the intention to disappoint.
#music Talk about your favourite music and artists here. You can feel free to share Spotify/YouTube links etc. Occasionally, we may host music listening parties that you can join in with and suggest songs for.
#development All your programming queries can be asked here. If you’re sharing code snippets, then using code blocks (code goes here) really helps keep things tidy. Like #technical-support, this is community help only.
#art-and-design Have you made a pretty thing, are interested in discussing the future of Fluent Design or just want to show off your desktop? That’s what this channel is for.
#it-pros-and-servers This isn’t tech support, this is where you discuss Servers, Azure, PowerShell, Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Windows Server, Active Directory, OneDrive, Patching, Security, Automation, Compliance, Hyper-V... All the fun stuff!
#gaming News and info about games can go here, as well as screenshots, clips and asking if anyone wants to play anything.
#cloud-services If you want to discuss cloud services and find things that are right for you, then ask here.
#surface Talk about all of Microsoft’s Surface line of hardware. If you’re considering buying a new device, and a Surface is on your radar, then ask here to get opinions from actual Surface owners.
#office If you need help with Office-related queries, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint assistance, then ask here for more dedicated help. You can also use this channel to just talk about Office and its features.
#unix Talk about WSL and your favorite Linux distributions, or get help installing Gentoo and picking which DE to use.
#employee-verification If you’re a Microsoft employee, you can use this channel to verify yourself.
#server-feedback If you want to discuss the server and what you think about it, then do so here. If you believe there’s any improvements that can be made, or you don’t like a recent change, here is the place to bring it up.
#starboard If a message gets four "Heartosoft" emoji reactions, then it should appear here!
#minecraft-chat A place to discuss our very own Minecraft server! Details to join are available in the channel description.
#minecraft-status Important notifications regarding the Minecraft server will be posted here.
Other Channels Sometimes, other channels may temporarily appear for competitions and applications. These will have their own rules; please abide by them. There are also other moderator-only or role-specific channels that aren’t listed here to prevent confusion.

# Commands

Command Function
!rules DMs you the rules
!rank DMs you your current rank
!levels DMs you the leaderboard for the server
!whois <member> Displays data about the mentioned member
!infractions <member> Lists infractions for the mentioned member
!ask Displays the process for asking competent questions
!t-dmanager Displays info about Device Manager
!t-ipconfig Displays info about IPCONFIG
!t-sfc Displays info about System File Checker
!t-reliabilityhistory Displays info about Reliability History and Event Viewer
!t-systemrestore Displays info about System Restore
!bsod Displays info about diagnosing BSODs
!patience Reminds you to be patient when asking questions
!linux-shilling Reminds you that random Linux shilling for the sake of it isnt helpful
!at Reminds you that mentioning someone who isn't active is not appreciated
!join-insiders Gives you the Insiders role
!join-insiders-slow Gives you the Insiders (Slow) role
!join-patch-tuesday Gives you the 💻 Patch Tuesday role
!keep-me-updated Gives you all opt-in roles
!dont-keep-me-updated Takes away from you all opt-in roles
$nj-help Displays extra Ninja Cat commands not covered here
$nj-trex Displays the Windows 10 Skype emoticon
$nj-latest Gets the latest Insider PC build
$nj-latestslow Gets the latest Insider Slow build
$nj-latestserver Gets the latest Insider Server build
$nj-j <emoji> Jumbosizes an emoji
%%microsoft verify Start verification process in #employee-verification
!gstart Starts a giveaway

# Frequently Asked Questions

# How do I report something?

Send a private message to @Moderators' mail, found at the top of the members list. The message should include as much information as you can reasonably provide.

If, in the event of any technical issues, the moderators mail bot is not found at the top of the members list, it will be replaced by the moderators, who in this instance only, you may directly message regarding your issue.

# I got muted! What should I do?

Think about what you’ve done and wait patiently for the mute to expire. If you believe that the mute was unwarranted, message modmail as above and explain clearly and calmly why you believe you shouldn't have been muted.

# Nobody is answering my question or helping me! What should I do?

Firstly, be patient. It might take a while for someone to be able to help you. Furthermore, consider if when you asked you’ve provided as much detail as possible to make it easy for us to help you. If you’ve done this, and you still need help and it’s been around a day or so and you’ve not had any help, then consider asking again.

# Why does the server icon keep changing?

The server icon is changed to celebrate certain events, usually major holidays or important dates in computing history.

# When is [MS update/product] going to be released?

When Microsoft decide to release it. Use search, since it’s likely this question will have been asked many, many times before.

# Are those real Microsoft employees?

Yes, they are. They’re verified through their employee account. However, they aren’t here on official business and anything they say does not in any way represent Microsoft. They’re just here like any other user. Don’t ping them for support unless they’re actively helping you; it will be considered a violation of rule 5.

# Ban appeal process

You can send ban appeals here if you meet our requirements, appeal will be looked into by our moderators team.

# Requirements

  • 120 days passed since you were banned.
  • Being able to explain why you were banned, that shows us that you understand that you weren't banned for no reason and acknowledge your mistake.

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