# Bots

# Cliptok

Cliptok is our moderation bot, developed in-house by the wonderful Erisa (opens new window). It provides all the necessary moderation functions (warnings, mutes, kicks, bans etc.) as well as monitoring the chat for excessive emoji, advertising and naughty words. Cliptok is vital to our team and keeps getting better by the day. Also, do take note of the fact it uses Windows icons in its messages! How cute is that!?

Cliptok is available on GitHub here (opens new window).

# GIFtok

GIFtok is Cliptok's media-obsessed sibling, who watches over all the videos and GIFs in the server. In the event any look malicious, GIFtok flags them up to let us know, so we can take action. It's unlikely you'll see any messages from GIFtok, but just know they're looking out for you!

GIFtok is based on Sir-Fancy's CrashNt (opens new window), maintained by Erisa (opens new window) and available on our community repo here (opens new window).

# Moderators' Mail

Moderators' Mail, or Modmail for short, is a quick and easy way to start a private conversation with the moderators. When you send it a message, it'll start a new thread that the moderation team can view, respond via and hold internal discussions in. The mods might also use the bot to reach out to you, so make sure you have DMs enabled!

The bot is based on Kyb3er's modmail (opens new window), and our fork can be found here (opens new window).

# Corpinator

Corpinator is developed by Cisien (opens new window) and helps us verify real Microsoft employees utilising Azure AD. Legitimate employees are given a shiny role to help others identify them, as well as access to a private channel.

You can find Corpinator here (opens new window).

# Dotsimus

Dotsimus, developed by Jaska (opens new window), is a moderation bot using the magic of machine learning to help detect toxicity and flag potentially offensive messages and users for the mods to review manually.

You can find Dotsimus' website here (opens new window). Additionally, you can find the server containing more details as well as a place to play with it here (opens new window).

# Other bots

Bot Website Function
Dyno/Dyno Premium https://dyno.gg (opens new window) Logging
Ninja Cat https://github.com/Goldfish64/NinjaCatDiscordBot (opens new window) Insider info
Disboard https://disboard.org (opens new window) Public server listing
DiscordServers https://discordservers.com (opens new window) Public server listing
DSL https://top.gg/servers (opens new window) Public server listing
Flareon https://github.com/Ignaciox (opens new window) Music
Heartosoft https://github.com/Microsoft-community/starboard (opens new window) Starboard
iReport https://discord.gg/apple (opens new window) Inter-server reporting
Microsoft Community http://mee6.xyz (opens new window) Levelling and utilities
Statbot https://statbot.net (opens new window) Server statistics
Satya Nadella https://github.com/sylveon/SatyaNadella (opens new window) Giveaways
Vortex https://github.com/jagrosh/Vortex (opens new window) Moderation
Watcher http://???.??? (opens new window) Watching
Last Updated: 9/15/2021, 11:08:52 PM