# Opting out of Windows 11 Insider updates

If your machine is enrolled into the Windows Insider Program and you wish to stop receiving Insider updates, follow the steps below.

# Determine your current channel

Open Settings, go to the Windows Updates category and then click Windows Insider Program.

Once there, look to the right side of "Choose your Insider settings" to see your Insider channel, It can be Dev, Beta or Release Preview.

# For Beta/Release Preview

If you found your channel was Beta or Release Preview, opting out of Insider updates should be as easy as turning on a switch.

Open the Stop getting preview builds section and turn on "Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases".

Restart your PC and you should be opted out.

# For Dev

If you are in Dev channel, you need to pay attention to the build number, as it will affect whether you can leave Insiders without a clean install.

# Determine your current build

Press the "Windows" and "R" key simultaneously on the keyboard, type winver and press Enter, an "About Windows" window will appear.

Look closely at the "OS Build" field, this field will tell you which build you have.

# If the build is 22000.xxx

  1. On the Windows Insider Program page in Settings, open the "Choose your Insider settings" section and choose Beta channel.

  2. Restart your PC and now you should be in the Beta channel. Follow the Beta/Release Preview instructions to opt out of Insiders.

# If the build is higher than 22000.xxx

  1. Choose System on the left side of the Settings app and open Recovery.

  2. Click on "Go back" in the Recovery page.

NOTE: If the Go back option is disabled, a clean install is required, see Installing Windows 10 for instructions to do so.

  1. Follow the instructions on-screen to go back to a previous build.

  2. Check your build again.

    If winver reports a build number starting with 22000, follow the instructions for 22000.xxx above.

    If not, then unfortunately a clean install is required, see Installing Windows 10 for instructions to do so.

Last Updated: 12/19/2021, 9:14:24 AM